Looking for a Retail Phone Number?

It can be difficult to find the retail contact numbers you need, especially as some companies only list email addresses and social media accounts as ways to get in touch.

When queries are urgent or too complicated to fit into 140 characters, nothing beats speaking to someone on the phone and getting your issue resolved in minutes.

To find the company you need, just use our quick and easy search function. You’re just a few clicks away from finding the best number to call – and information about the hotline’s opening hours.

Whereas some retailers only have representatives on hand during office hours, a few big brands do staff their customer service departments at evenings and weekends – making it easy to call at a time that’s convenient for you.

To ensure you aren’t put in a long queue – with potentially hours of tedious instrumental music ahead of you – try to ring at off-peak times.

Dialling retail customer service numbers immediately after they open for the day is always a smart move.

Alternatively, some retailers offer a call back feature where a representative will get in touch as soon as they become available, enabling you to get on with your day instead of wasting time stuck on the end of the line.