How to Contact ZSL

The ZSL was founded in London in 1826 and is an international conservation, scientific and educational charity. The organisation sells tickets to visit its two zoos online, and hosts a number of events each year held at the zoos. Most of the events are designed to both educate and entertain visitors.

The ZSL is committed to education and it arranges a number of school education events for students to see animals and learn about conservation issues.

Call the ZSL phone number for sales and ticket enquiries, and to check on zoo opening times. You can also ring for directions if you are having trouble finding the zoos.

Schools can book zoo trips and businesses can hold events at the zoos. Call the ZSL customer service number to discuss your requirements, or to find out how you can get involved with the organisation by becoming a member.

Lastly, you can contact the ZSL customer service team to enquire about becoming a keeper for the day, and experience what it is like working in a zoo.