How to Contact Zoopla

Zoopla’s search forms make it simple to find a property; simply enter the location, the minimum and maximum price you want to pay, the property type, and the number of bedrooms you need.

Problems can occur online though, and sometimes you need the reassurance of a voice at the other end of the line. If so, don’t hesitate to dial the Zoopla contact number.

Speak to the Zoopla customer service team to change email alert settings. Or, if your house is listed on Zoopla and there is an error in its estimated price, a call to the Zoopla phone number will help you get this changed.

Other reasons to call the Zoopla customer service phone number might be to find an estate agent or letting agent for your house so that it appears on the website. The website also has a section to find overseas properties.

Please note that you cannot list a home directly on Zoopla. You need be a Zoopla registered estate agent or a developer to do this.

In the interests of simplifying the housing sector, Zoopla publishes regular property guidance to make renting or buying property easier.