How to Contact WeBuyAnyCar

For starters, if you are having trouble getting an online valuation from the website for your vehicle, you can instead call the WeBuyAnyCar customer service number on 0871 453 7762, where you can provide a team member with your car details (such as make, model, mileage and condition) and they will be able to offer a valuation. Even if your car is an import, the company can still buy it, but you should discuss your car details with the team and get a valuation if needed.

You can also enquire about selling a vehicle on behalf of someone else, whether it is a family member, friend or company. There is a list of certain documents that will be required, so if you are unsure, call the We Buy Any Car phone number for assistance.

Usually, once you have done the valuation, an appointment follows. Should there be any issues with the appointment or managing your appointment online, make a phone call using the WeBuyAnyCar contact number to rectify the problem.