How to Contact VUE

Reasons why you may need to contact this number include if you need to check on venue facilities, enquire about movie and event listings or find out about the latest offers, or if you have any other queries related to VUE services. If you have lost property, you could provide details to the VUE customer service team and a call handler may be able to track the item down.

Tickets cannot be refunded once booked, but you can make amendments to your reservation. However, it’s important to note that to do this, you will need to visit the actual venue to make changes. It’s only if you have booked your tickets for the wrong venue that you can use the Vue contact number to resolve the issue.

For any feedback you may have, good or bad, call the Vue phone number to speak to someone about your experience. An advisor will help to resolve your complaint or take on board your feedback to improve the service.