How to Contact Vodafone

If you’re a customer, a shorter Vodafone phone number can usually be called from your device – but this will prove impossible if you need to urgently report that your handset has been lost or stolen.

Make this call as soon as possible. Some thieves will use stolen phones to make hours of calls to international and premium-rate phone lines, where costs can easily exceed £1 a minute. If you fail to use the Vodafone customer services number to get the account blocked, you could end up liable for the bill.

Customer complaints can also be logged using this Vodafone contact number. You might be unsatisfied with the network’s signal strength in your area, or frustrated by unexpected additions to your bill. Cancellations can be initiated over the phone if you are looking to change providers and your contract is drawing to an end.

Contract renewals, extensions, and new handsets can also be arranged – and it’s easy to add on extra data or international call plans with one phone call. Indeed, you may be interested in opening a new mobile or home broadband account with this Vodafone phone number.

When it comes to contact details for customer enquiries, Vodafone isn’t the only mobile network we cover. Search our site to get in touch with EE, O2, Three Mobile and many others within seconds.