How to Contact UKPASS

The UKPASS website has a postgraduate source search detailing what courses offer and how to apply. For the reassurance of a human voice though, talk to UKPASS to discuss your options and what steps you should take next.

If you have filled in an online application and have not received confirmation of this, call the UKPASS customer service number. If the postgraduate course provider has not notified you about your application, then either contact them directly or discuss this with UKPASS.

You can also contact the UKPASS customer service team to talk about the process of applying for postgraduate study, the stages of the application process and the best times to apply. In addition, UKPASS can advise you on entry requirements, such as which qualifications you need for a postgraduate course.

If you have queries about the funding of your course, the UKPASS phone number can refer you to sources of grants, bursaries and scholarships.