How to Contact UCAS

The UCAS contact number to call is 0870 258 0178, and this line is open 8:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday. You can find out anything, from the entry requirements for a particular course to tips and advice on the application process. To ensure a quick response to your enquiries, you should have your Personal ID number ready before you call the UCAS customer service number.

You can also use the UCAS phone number to promptly resolve an issue or make a complaint, as one of the team members may be able to resolve your complaint on the spot. Additionally, if there is a need to discuss sensitive or confidential matters, a phone call is often an effective way to securely manage this type of information.

There may be other reasons to contact UCAS, as the organisation also provides an application service for several UK conservatoires, teacher training and postgraduate studies. You can discuss your options with the advisor on the line and they will provide you with the support, advice and guidance you need.