How to Contact Travelodge

If you are interested in booking travel accommodation prior to your holidays or business trips, the Travelodge website is useful for making hotel bookings and checking out prices. There are times though when an FAQ section is not enough to cover all the possible issues that might arise before, during and after the hotel booking process.

Customers who are facing problems with their booking are encouraged to contact a Travelodge customer service team member, who will gladly assist in solving the matter in an efficient manner. This will reduce any stress caused by the hiccups that can arise in travel plans, especially after reaching the destination or when travel dates are fast approaching.

By calling the Travelodge customer service number on 0870 258 0195, customers will also be able to receive useful information regarding new hotels available at many exciting holiday destinations. What’s more, they can get access to some of the hospitality company’s exclusive deals.

Travelodge also has locations in Ireland and Spain. When travelling abroad, it’s especially important to bring along the Travelodge phone number to be able to contact a friendly team member directly.