How to Contact The Body Shop

Although the company’s website gives lots of helpful information on store locations and available products, people may wish to contact the customer service team for help with queries they have concerning their in-store or online shopping experience. They can do this via The Body Shop customer service number.

A common reason for customers to get into touch with the team at The Body Shop is when they are facing issues buying items online. For customers who prefer to do so, payments for products can be made over the phone. Those who have not received their products by the expected delivery date are also encouraged to call the company to enquire about the status of their order.

The Body Shop customer service team will also be happy to provide some inspiration on gift ideas. Furthermore, customers can receive valuable advice on the specific skincare or makeup products suitable for their skin types. This helps to provide a fun and easy shopping experience that people can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.

Lastly, customers can call The Body Shop phone number to find out more about the company’s policies regarding community trading and anti-animal testing.