How to Contact Thames Water

If you’ve been looking around for a Thames Water contact number, you’ve come to the right place. Just call 0871 544 2433 from 8am to 8pm on weekdays, or between 8am and 6pm on Saturdays. Their customer services department is closed on Sundays.

This Thames Water customer services number will come in handy if you need help understanding the entries on your bill, if you’re struggling to pay everything in full, or if you want to set up Direct Debit so future payments are automated. They will also be able to look into customer complaints if you believe you have been overcharged.

You should also save this Thames Water phone number if you ever need to report a leak, or low pressure begins to affect your water supply. Although you might need to get a plumber round to complete a quick fix, there may be issues in the area that need to be examined by one of the company’s engineers.

The Thames Water customer services team can also close your account if you’re leaving the company’s catchment area, or transfer your details to a new address ahead of a move to a property close by.