How to Contact Tesco Car Insurance

Thankfully, our website is here to come to the rescue. The Tesco Car Insurance contact number you need to save is 0871 571 2421.

They’ll be able to address any questions you have about your existing car insurance policy, and guide you through the process of getting additional cover to protect you and your loved ones.

You can also make a claim against an existing policy, get a quote, request breakdown assistance or make a customer complaint if you feel that the service provided by Tesco Car Insurance isn’t up to scratch.

When using this Tesco Car Insurance phone number, you may find that you are diverted to a different team depending on your age. That’s because younger customers aged 17 to 25 may be on a black box policy, where telematics are used to keep an eye on their driving performance.

We recommend you use this Tesco Car Insurance telephone number if you have any questions about your policy. Sometimes, the lengthy documents provided can be difficult to understand, and you may want a plain explanation as to whether you are insured to get behind the wheel of other vehicles – or how much you would need to pay in excess if you were to make a claim.