How to Contact Tastecard

For an annual membership fee, Tastecard members use the app or website to find a restaurant. They then make an advance booking mentioning Tastecard. At the end of the meal, members show their Tastecard to receive the discount from their bill.

There are two basic Tastecard deals – 50% off the total food bill, or two meals for the price of one available for two people across all courses.

You might wish to call the Tastecard customer service number to discuss offers and the organisation’s terms and conditions.

Tastecard relies on its member restaurants to inform it if they have closed or are leaving the scheme. Call the Tastecard phone number to tell the company if an advertised restaurant is no longer open or refuses to accept the Tastecard.

Many restaurants offer discounts seven days a week, but some do not accept the cards at weekends. The Tastecard customer service operators can tell you if a particular restaurant has any restrictions.

For a little extra, Tastecard+ offers cinema, days out and hotel discounts, as well as reduced price meals.