How to Contact Swiss Air

When you call, you can speak to a friendly specialist for immediate information and support.

The Swiss Air contact number is useful if you require advice on how to make amendments to your booking. There may be some details you can change (such as travel date) and others you won’t be able to (such as destination), but if you require further information, simply speak to the Swiss Air customer service team.

If you are planning to take special items on board and are unsure about what is required or permitted, call the Swiss Air phone number for advice. For example, medicines may require medical certificates, and bulky items can incur an additional charge. You can also check to see what items may be prohibited on the flight.

It might also be necessary to contact Swiss Air if you would like to change your booking to a superior seat category. If a traveller is a special-category passenger (such as babies, minors, passengers with limited mobility) and you would like to know options for seat reservations to accommodate them, the phone number is again your best port of call.