How to Contact South East Water

The firm has launched a one bill system so that the charge for both household drinking water from South East Water and wastewater services from Southern Water is now on a single bill.

If you are elderly, disabled or suffering from an illness, you can benefit by joining the Priority Services Register. You can then receive advanced warning of any water supply interruptions, receive large print bills, and could even have hand delivered bottled drinking water if your supply is interrupted.

Contact the South East Water customer service number to discuss payment of your bill, or if you have any queries about how much you are being charge. You might also want to give the South East Water phone number a ring if your water looks or tastes unusual, is at a low pressure or is not flowing at all.

If you are moving house or have just moved into a house supplied by the company, call the South East Water customer service team to change your account details, or if you need to supply a meter reading. The customer service team also offers a callback service to account holders, and will call at a time convenient for you.