How to Contact Scandinavian Airlines

If you need to get in touch with the organisation, calling the Scandinavian Airlines phone number is the best way to get immediate assistance. For some queries, time is of the essence, and an enquiry by phone is much quicker than one by email.

You can call the company to enquire about passport requirements, baggage allowances, special assistance while travelling, and selecting your seats. There are also certain rules to rebooking, transferring or cancelling your booking. If you wish to made changes, you will need to call the Scandinavian Airlines contact number as soon as possible to do this.

Other matters you may need to contact Scandinavian Airlines about include baggage delays and damage, lost property, ticket refunds and check-in times. If you see a technical error on the website, the Scandinavian Airlines customer service team will be happy to hear about it and rectify the issue as quickly as possible. Additionally, they will aim to resolve any complaints or issues in a professional manner.