How to Contact Samsung

Samsung is a massive company that manufactures hundreds of products, so it’s a good idea to equip yourself with plenty of information ahead of your call to the Samsung customer services number.

From phones to PCs, cameras to televisions, it’s likely you’ll be asked for the model number of your product, as well as its unique serial number and details about when and where it was purchased.

This Samsung contact number will prove useful if you need to use the warranty that came along with the product, or if you would like to order replacement components for your appliance.

Indeed, you might just be having a few technical issues that you would like to be resolved. By calling Samsung customer service, they may be able to begin troubleshooting with you over the phone – or direct you to a friendly expert who can explain how to fix everything step by step.

Although this company prides itself on quality control, it has been rocked by a few controversies in recent years. Over in the US, millions of washing machines were recalled following reports of explosions – and Samsung also had to implement a recall and exchange programme for their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.