How to Contact RightMove

There are a number of reasons why you may need to contact Rightmove. If you have difficulties using the website, let the team know by giving them a call. That way, you can explain your issue in detail and get a faster solution. As an example, you would contact Rightmove if a postcode was missing from the search site, meaning you cannot search around that area. Additionally, if you had trouble with setting up an account or recovering a password, the Rightmove customer service number can assist you. The company can also help with the process of advertising on its website if you are either selling or renting your home.

Call the Rightmove contact number if you would like to provide feedback to the team. This could include making suggestions on how to improve the website, and providing comments if you are particularly happy or unhappy with anything that you have experienced through Rightmove. If you see something out of the ordinary on the website, such as an agent operating dishonestly, Rightmove customer service team would be grateful to hear about it.