How to Contact Pegasus

By speaking directly with a Pegasus team member, customers can obtain a quick response to their queries without having to scroll through the common questions section on the Pegasus website. This will not only save time, but also add a welcome personal touch to the entire Pegasus experience.

Customers may want to call the Pegasus phone number to enquire about the latest flight campaigns rolled out by the airlines. A Pegasus team member will also be able to explain the benefits of joining the Pegasus Plus club and the many ways of accruing and using reward points.

Furthermore, due to the ever-changing airport baggage rules, travellers are encouraged to call the Pegasus customer service number if they are not sure about any baggage regulations. This will avoid any disruptions to their travel plans upon checking in at the airport.

A friendly Pegasus customer service team member will also be glad to listen to any feedback or complaints from customers. All customer feedback will be taken seriously and used to improve the future Pegasus customer experience.