How to Contact Oyster

You could have many questions about Oyster, so calling the Oyster customer service number on 0871 453 7714 is the best way to contact them for an immediate response. You can use the Oyster contact number if you require assistance with the use of their card, such as if you have issues or need advice with touching on and off transport, or if you have been charged incorrectly during a travel. Additionally, the Oyster phone number will be useful if you need to confirm that you are a cardholder but you have not used your card in the last 8 weeks.

Other things that you can contact the Oyster customer service about is when you would like to pre-book assistance on the Overground, if you have problems with your Oyster account, if you would like more information on the services you can use on the Oyster card, and if you would like to provide feedback about their staff and services.