How to Contact Odeon

You can make a booking enquiry through the Odeon customer service number, which is 0871 453 7723, where you can find out about the screenings available to your local cinema, the latest offers that may be currently available, and get assistance with booking tickets if you need it. There is a Limitless membership card and an Odeon Premiere Club card that you can join and if you would like more information on either of those, or have any queries related to your card (such as what to do when you have lost your card), you can speak to the Odeon customer service team for information.

The Odeon contact number is also useful if you have accidentally left an item at the cinema, so if you get in touch with Odeon they can try to retrieve your lost item. Additionally, if you would like more information on the types of cinemas and the facilities available (from Luxe to Lounge), someone at Odeon will be happy to provide you with further details if you call the Odeon phone number.