How to Contact Natwest

You can use this NatWest phone number if you want to complete some banking over the phone instead of in a branch. Their team will also be able to assist you if your card has been lost or stolen – or if you’re concerned that funds in your account have been fraudulently used.

When you call this NatWest customer services number, you will be asked a few security questions. This is so the representative can be certain they’re talking to the right person, and it’ll also reassure you.

As well as handling general customer enquiries about current accounts, this NatWest contact number will prove useful if you have taken out credit cards, loans or insurance policies through the bank. Business accountholders will also be able to receive assistance using this number, but not all of these services are operational 24/7.

NatWest has been trying to modernise its banking offering in recent years, such as by offering customers the ability to withdraw money from cash machines even if they’ve forgotten their bank card.

However, the bank has also been susceptible to system outages with its online platforms – especially at busy times such as the last Friday of the month.