How to Contact Nandos

There is also a Nando’s card that is available in order to get rewards, and if you need further information about it, give the Nando’s customer service number a call. While you’re at it, you can enquire about any current offers and discounts, as certain professions have discounts applied to all orders. If you’re unsure, you can always ask.

Some of Nando’s stores may also serve only halal chicken, and there is a list on their website, but if you are on the go and want to find out which stores are halal certified, call the Nando’s phone number for a prompt answer.

You can find your nearest Nando’s restaurant, or order their popular Afro-Portuguese chicken for collection, via the app.

If required, you can also use the Nando’s contact number for all other enquiries related to food allergies and nutritional value, should you require this information before going to their restaurants.