How to Contact Megabus

As a customer you could have many questions for Megabus where an urgent response may be required to plan your travels. By calling the Megabus customer service number, which is 0871 453 7711, you can speak to a member of staff to get up-to-date information on timetables, routes, travel delays and cancellations. Additionally, use the Megabus phone number to immediately action a change in reservation up to 24 hours prior to travel. In the unfortunate event that you miss your designated departure and need to rebook to catch the next one, the Megabus phone number will allow you to get this sorted straight away.

The Megabus contact number is available for all other enquiries you may have too, so if you can’t find what you are looking for in the FAQ page or you prefer to talk directly to someone from Megabus, don’t hesitate to call. Enquiries could be on subjects including booking tickets, luggage information, facilities, the need for special assistance during travelling and advice on how to use the website.