How to Contact MBNA

Not only can this MBNA phone number be used for assistance if you are activating a new credit card, but their staff will be able to assist you if your existing card has been lost or stolen. Reporting this urgently means it can be cancelled swiftly – preventing the prospect of fraudulent purchases being made.

MBNA can also provide help if you are experiencing difficulties when making a payment, or if certain entries or calculations on a recent statement don’t tally up with what you have budgeted. You might also need to use this MBNA contact number in advance of travelling to another country, as otherwise your card might be blocked on suspicion the transactions aren’t genuine.

Other common queries include customer complaints regarding Payment Protection Insurance – something which has been a widespread problem in the UK across all lenders in recent years.

MBNA has been based in the UK since 1993 – and the company says its main unique selling points are rewards for customers who use their credit cards on a regular basis, as well as low interest rates.