How to Contact Mastercard

New customers can call the Mastercard contact number for useful advice regarding selecting a suitable card. A Mastercard team member will be happy to provide important information, such as the terms and conditions of each card and the choices of issuers.

Existing customers may wish to speak to a Mastercard customer service team member when experiencing trouble with their Mastercards. A friendly team member will be happy to assist with common issues that customers face.

Customers often forget their PIN and require assistance for resetting it as soon as possible. By speaking directly to a Mastercard team member, the customer will be able to quickly get back to using their Mastercard for everyday important transactions.

Another common reason for calling Mastercard is to enquire about interest rates and benefits of accumulated reward points. The Mastercard customer service number may also be useful for customers who need to report a fraudulent incident.

Customers who have misplaced their Mastercard cards are also encouraged to get in touch with the team. Calling the Mastercard phone number as soon as possible will reduce the likelihood of unauthorised payments made through their card.