How to Contact Madbid

Unlike eBay, MadBid only sells brand new products with no auction reserve prices. It operates by users purchasing credits to bid. Each auction has a timer, and if you place a bid and no one else bids when the timer runs out, you are the auction winner. If not, the timer restarts. If you don’t win, your money is returned as Earned Discount.

All products are brand new and sealed with the manufacturer’s warranty. Winning auction items are dispatched from the MadBid UK warehouse.

Although the activity all takes place online, there are several reasons why you might want to call the MadBid customer service number. Perhaps you have an enquiry about an item you have not yet received and you would like to get an advisor to chase it up.

Alternatively, the MadBid phone number will help if you are having technical difficulties in bidding or using their website. The MadBid customer service team can also help if you are having problems purchasing credits, or have any queries about the way the bidding process works.