How to Contact Lloyds Bank

By calling the Lloyds Bank contact number, you can also perform key functions associated with your current and savings accounts. For example, you may want to get an update on your balance, or double check that transactions have gone through.

You can also review your current Direct Debit obligations and standing orders using this Lloyds Bank phone number, transfer money between accounts, and pay off any bills.

Of course, Lloyds Bank provides many other products beyond everyday banking. These include loans, car finance, travel services and insurance. If you have customer enquiries about any of these facilities – either as an existing customer or a potentially new one – Lloyd’s customer service can come to the rescue.

Lloyds Bank has a long and fascinating history, and originally began trading way back in 1765. Their original base was in Birmingham.

It forms part of the Lloyds Banking Group, which is home to other brands including Bank of Scotland, MBNA, and Halifax. You can find their contact details using the search bar on our website.