How to Contact Legoland

Understandably, customers may have various enquiries for Legoland before making a booking, during their stay, and even after their visit to the adventure park. Thanks to the Legoland customer service centre, you can get the answers to any questions you might have. The Legoland customer service number is 0871 453 7748.

You can call the Legoland phone number for enquiries regarding planning and booking a holiday at the location, and the facilities it offers to cater for you and your family. For example, Legoland can provide information on car parking, the types of guest services available and options for special dietary requirements. If you need some further information on the accommodation, or perhaps the types of events that are currently happening at Legoland, you can also enquire about these through the customer service team on the Legoland contact number.

If you would like to provide feedback to Legoland, the team will also happily take your comments as they are keen to hear about your experience.