How to Contact Kia

Customers may wish to speak to a Kia customer service team member regarding any possible issues they may face with their current vehicle. A friendly customer service team member will be happy to provide essential information on repair and warranty issues. An appointment to bring the vehicle in for inspection, troubleshooting, servicing and repair can also be easily arranged over the phone. The Kia team will work hard towards helping the customer get back onto the road as quickly as possible.

For customers looking to upgrade their vehicle, the Kia phone number offers expert information on the latest models, including interesting features of newly released vehicles. A Kia team member will also be able to offer advice and information on the range of used cars for sale.

Customers may also call the Kia contact number to provide feedback for the services they have received during the many steps of purchasing their vehicle. These include model selection, payment, and after sales service. All customer feedback is appreciated and taken seriously to help improve the overall Kia customer experience.