How to Contact HSBC

Thanks to this HSBC contact number, you’ll be able to get immediate advice on what to do if your card has been lost or stolen. Plus, you’ll be able to order replacements if your credit or debit card has become damaged. The team manning this HSBC phone number are also on hand to verify your identity and get things unfrozen if your card has been blocked.

You can use this HSBC customer services number for all types of current account – as well as customer enquiries relating to unsecured loans and mortgages.

Before the team can assist you with your query, it’s likely you’ll have to answer a few security questions to confirm you are the account holder. You could be asked about recent transactions, or to provide personal information such as your date of birth and your mother’s maiden name.

The fact that they have such sensitive details on file also helps put your mind at ease that you’ve been connected to HSBC customer service rather than something more sinister.