How to Contact Home Office

Their representatives will be able to offer guidance on a visa and settlement application, enabling you to remain in the UK without any time restrictions. It is worth bearing in mind that there are some requirements you need to fulfil in order to be eligible.

This Home Office contact number is also in operation as a sponsorship, employer and education helpline – allowing you to get advice if you are seeking to hire someone who is from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland. This will involve an application process to see whether your organisation is eligible to hold such a licence.

Other Home Office departments include asylum support – especially asylum application enquiries prior to May 2007. Given the fact that every case is different, and the documents found on the Government’s website can be overwhelming and difficult to follow, being able to talk with a specialist call handler about your circumstances can go a long way to getting things sorted.

Other direct phone numbers for Home office departments are shown below

0871 544 2413 for Home Office European citizenship, naturalisation and nationality application.
0871 544 2414 for Home Office visa and settlement application.
0871 544 2415 for Home Office for the employer sponsorship and education helpline.
0871 544 2416 for Home Office asylum support.
0871 544 2417 for Home Office asylum application enquiries prior to May 2007.

We also provide contact details for other governmental departments on our website, including HM Revenue and Customs. Just type in HMRC into the search bar to get started.