How to Contact Harvey’s Furniture

Before visiting a store, customers may need to call the Harveys Furniture customer service number to enquire about store locations and opening hours. Customers can also ask for a stock-check before making a visit to a store. A Harveys Furniture team member will also be able to provide information on the exchange and refund policies of different products. Savvy customers may also be interested in finding out more about Harveys’ price match guarantee and product guarantee periods. This will allow the customer to shop with more confidence.

Customers who are on a budget may also want to discuss the interest-free payment options with a Harveys Furniture team member. This will allow them to bring their favourite pieces of furniture home without having to worry about coughing up a huge sum up front.

Online customers may also want to report website glitches and products that do not arrive by the expected date. This is when the Harveys Furniture contact number comes in handy.

Customers can call the Harveys Furniture phone number to provide feedback or file complaints regarding their furniture shopping experience.