How to Contact Halifax

By calling the Halifax phone number 0871 544 2488, you’ll be seconds away from being able to report your suspicions about fraudulent transactions – and their team can offer swift assistance if your debit or credit card has been lost or stolen.

In order to protect your account’s security, the trained UK-based team running this Halifax contact number may ask some questions to verify your identity – such as the value and location of recent transactions on your account.

Of course, you might be wanting to speak to Halifax customer service about a matter that extends beyond bank accounts, given the fact that they also provide mortgages and personal loans to millions of Britons.

It is worth bearing in mind that the teams who specialise in assisting customers with savings accounts and car finance are not available 24 hours a day – however, you will be able to call at weekends if you’re eager to avoid dreaded peak-time queues.

Today, Halifax is owned by Lloyds Banking Group. The bank’s origins date back all the way to 1852 when the small market town of Halifax in West Yorkshire began to experience rapid growth.