How to Contact Groupon

This Groupon phone number will come in handy if you need assistance when using promo codes to get deals on the cheap. They’ll also be able to assist you if there are purchases on your account that you don’t recognise, or if you’re having difficulty in returning a product you’ve bought to one of Groupon’s merchants.

On occasion, technical difficulties may prompt you to use the Groupon contact number – especially if you haven’t received a confirmation email following a payment and you’re unsure whether your order is being processed.

By referring friends to Groupon, users also have the potential to earn credits that can then be put towards purchases. You’ll be able to receive advice on how to use this cash through the Groupon customer services number. Their team is also able to process customer complaints, and handle enquiries if you want some clarity about the terms and conditions associated with a deal mean.

As many of the e-commerce merchants on Groupon are businesses in your local area, you may be redirected to contact them in certain circumstances.