How To Contact Green Flag

For new customers interested in becoming a member, the Green Flag customer service number is useful for understanding the range of cover options offered by the company. For those happy with the information given to them, they can also receive a quick quote during the same phone call. The Green Flag team member will also be happy to explain the terms and conditions that come with the membership.

If customers have any complaints regarding the rescue service of a recent breakdown incident, they are invited to ring the team via the Green Flag phone number to receive a professional and direct response regarding their dissatisfaction.

Green Flag customers have the option of managing their policies online via the company website. If they are having any issues, they are also welcome to chat with one of the team members online. However, when sensitive personal information of the policyholder needs to be shared, customers may prefer to speak directly to a Green Flag customer service team member, who can verify the individual’s identity before proceeding with the call.