How to Contact Gap 360

Most Gap 360 travellers are British, though the company does handle bookings for overseas residents. The majority of customers are school or further education leavers who want to travel prior to joining university or starting a job, but this is not mandatory – people of any age are welcome to book through Gap 360.

Gap 360 arranges temporary work, volunteering, adventure trips, group tours, around-the world-trips and educational excursions. It claims that its prices are reasonable and competitive.

The Gap 360 customer service team is made up of experienced travellers with extensive knowledge of gap year issues. They can answer all your questions about trips.

Although you can book a Gap 360 trip online, you may prefer to make a booking by telephone. The Gap 360 phone number operators can advise about trip options such as insurance.

Some destinations may require a visa. Again, with a call to the Gap 360 customer service number, you can be brought right up to speed with this.

Gap 360 trips are available for destinations worldwide. Each trip on the website has extensive information about it, or you can have an information pack emailed to you.