How to Contact Forever21

Customers may need to dial the Forever 21 customer service number to speak with a team member who will be happy to help with any issues or queries. A common reason for customers to call the Forever 21 team is because they are facing issues with their online shopping experience. These include possible glitches during payments, or if customers do not receive their parcels by the expected delivery date. Furthermore, customers may also be interested in finding out about the return, exchange and refund policies of the company.

Customers who are interested in visiting an actual Forever 21 store can also call the customer service team to enquire about store locations and opening times. Customers may also want to ask a Forever 21 call handler to perform a stock check on the items they are interested in, before making the effort of going into a store, thus providing a smooth and convenient shopping experience for the customer. A Forever 21 team member will also be happy to advise on any sale events currently going on.

By calling the Forever 21 phone number, any feedback or complaints can also be conveyed directly to a friendly Forever 21 customer service team member.