How to Contact Equifax

Membership of Equifax is free for 30 days for unlimited access to your credit report and credit scores. What’s more, the Equifax credit report is easy to understand.

After the 30 days’ free trial, there is a monthly membership fee. Members receive alerts if there have been any significant changes to their credit score. You can also purchase a one-off credit report from Equifax.

The Equifax website has a handy guide to your score and what lenders are looking for. This can help you take steps to build up your credit score.

However, for human intervention, call the Equifax customer service team if you are having difficulties in logging onto your account, or want to be talked through how to register for one.

Call the Equifax customer service number if you see something on your credit report that you believe is wrong. The team will talk through the procedure to report inaccurate information.

The operators on the Equifax phone number can help you change or cancel your subscription. Of course, if you are having difficulty understanding items on your credit report, an Equifax expert will be able to explain it to you in plain English.