How to Contact Enfield Council

This number is certainly useful to have when you do not have access to the internet, if you want an immediate response, or if you just prefer to speak to someone about your query.

Call the Enfield Council contact number to enquire about any of its services. Examples could include a missed bin collection, or you may want to request clinical, furniture or electrical waste collection. For parking permits, the council can also assist in providing them, and you can enquire about the different types of permits that are available.

You can also seek further information on council planning activities, facilities and centres available. This can include housing service enquiries for both landlords and tenants, along with social housing.

Perhaps you see a problem in the area and need to report it via the Enfield Council customer service number? It could be concerns such as noise pollution, rubbish dumping, graffiti, parking issues or abandoned vehicles. Enfield Council can look into these issues as soon as it is made aware of them.