How to Contact Elite Singles

EliteSingles customer service will happily provide assistance in all areas. If you would like more information about getting started with the website, how the site works, how matches work, and how to register, you can call the EliteSingles phone number. Speaking to someone over the phone about a query will result in a much faster response than by any other means.

If you are a registered user, use the EliteSingles contact number for account enquiries. This can include issues such as forgetting your password, trouble accessing or using your account, and profile enquiries. Additionally, you may want some guidance on how certain features of the matchmaking works. If in doubt or if you want clarification, get in touch with EliteSingles to have someone explain it to you.

If you have billing issues or enquiries, do not hesitate to get it resolved by EliteSingles. It could be that you need a refund, require a subscription renewal or cancellation, or your payment did not go through. Whatever the case, the EliteSingles customer service can effectively resolve these issues too.