How to Contact eBay

You’ll be directly connected to their team in a flash, allowing you to ask for advice on postage, raise a dispute if you didn’t receive an item, or request help if you are seeking to return a purchase that you’re unhappy with.

This eBay phone number is open seven days a week. Mondays to Fridays, you can reach their representatives between 8am to 10pm, while their weekend opening hours are 9am to 6pm.

In some cases, when your query relates to payment, it may not be the eBay contact number that will best be suited to your query. Instead, getting in touch with PayPal might be the best course of action, and you can find their details by searching on our site.

When you ring eBay customer service, try to have as much information as possible – including your username, as well as those of any buyers you have been performing transactions with. This will help their team delve deeper into your enquiry and offer a customised response that fully resolves the problems you’ve been having.