How to Contact EasyJet

Common customer enquiries to the easyJet contact number include requests to change flight times or routes which have previously been booked – or to make amendments to passenger names listed at the time of purchase. Making sure that all of your information is accurate before you pay comes recommended, as changes can end up costing a pretty penny.

As circumstances change, the team at easyJet will be on hand if you need to add hold luggage, wish to take sports equipment with you abroad, or want to pay extra to have a more generous weight allowance.

At times of travel disruption, the easyJet phone number can also be used to get instant updates on the status of flights at airports across the UK and around Europe. This will help you plan your journey, and allow extra time for checking in where necessary. However, you should bear in mind that it’s possible you may need to wait a while before one of their representatives can deal with your query.

On our website, you’ll also find the contact details for other big airlines – Jet2, Emirates and Thomas Cook among them.