How to Contact Dr Martens

If you see a particular product on the website and you wish to find out more information about it, why not use the Dr. Martens contact number to make an enquiry? It could be about aspects such as size, weight or material of the boots, as well as its availability at your nearest store. Alternatively, you could make an enquiry about any of the chain’s other clothing and accessories on offer, benefiting from professional advice from the team.

For issues with accounts, the Dr. Martens customer service team will be happy to provide prompt assistance. For example, you may have trouble logging into your account, or you might want to close or reactivate an existing account. In any of these situations, by calling the team directly, someone will be able to offer immediate assistance.

The Dr. Martens phone number is also perfect for issues to do with delivery. If you have a faulty product or a missed delivery, make sure you get in touch with the company immediately for a faster resolution.