How to Contact Disney Shop

The Disney Shop website has regular special offers where you can save money on selected items. Disney merchandise ranges from inexpensive items at £10 or less, up to limited edition items costing several hundred pounds.

Call the Disney Shop customer service team to enquire about orders and deliveries. The staff can also assist in returning any orders, or help if items are missing or damaged. You can also use the Disney Shop contact number to learn about store events or to find your nearest outlet.

If you are having difficulties ordering or paying for online orders, talk to the Disney customer service team for assistance.

There are many Disney Shops throughout Britain, and goods can be purchased via the website too. Disney films are available on DVD or Blu-Ray, and Disney gifts appeal to adults and children alike. Following the purchase of Star Wars by Disney, fans can find lots of memorabilia related to the sci-fi franchise at a Disney Shop.