How to Contact Croydon Council

In common with all local councils, Croydon Council is responsible for a number of services, including education, council housing, refuse collection, libraries, adult care, planning, housing and council tax benefits, and leisure facilities. The Council is also responsible for the registering of births, deaths and marriages.

Croydon Council services are financed by the government, council tax and business rates. Call the Croydon Council customer service number to discuss any of its services.

You can call Croydon Council to make a payment, or to discuss difficulties in making one.

If you are entitled to or receive housing or council tax benefits, call the Croydon Council phone number if you have any problems receiving them.

To report an issue with any of Croydon Council’s services, give them a call. Likewise, if you have a complaint or feedback about any service, it may be helpful to describe the complaint and the outcome you want with another person. The Croydon Council customer service team will be happy to help.