How to Contact Collect Plus

You may need assistance with your package collection, return or shipment. If you have lost your tracking number, the CollectPlus customer service number will be helpful, as you can explain your package and its contents to the person you are speaking to. If there is more information required, you can provide it on the spot rather than wait around for an email.

Similarly, if you have a lost or damaged parcel, the CollectPlus customer service team will also help resolve the issue. This will require information on your parcel packaging, contents and damage type. Describing such aspects of your packaging is much easier to convey with direct communication than by typing it out in a contact form.

You can have any query sorted out by calling the CollectPlus phone number, which is 0871 453 7733. The customer service team is free to respond to any queries, and will be able to give you the information and peace of mind you often need for something as important as delivery and collection.