How to Contact CeX

The retailer sells and buys goods online and also has numerous shops in UK towns and cities where goods can be traded.

It is possible to find a CeX contact number for your local store online. However, CeX states that these numbers are for internal use only, so you may not receive any CeX customer service from them. If you want to give the company a call, it’s better to call the main CeX phone number, which is 0870 258 0122.

The company encourages people to contact it via its website support section, but if you call the CeX customer service number, a representative will be on the line to help you with any queries, comments or difficulties you might be experiencing.

CeX has a franchise system where individual store owners can brand and operate their stores using the company’s business model. Founded in 1992, CeX operates stores around the world, including in the UK, Spain, USA, Ireland, India, Australia, Portugal, the Netherlands, Mexico and Poland.