How to Contact British Airways

The British Airways phone number to call is 0871 544 2410, and they are open seven days a week between 7.30am and 8pm.

Although this airline – like many others – has been encouraging its customers to use Twitter and Facebook for asking questions, there will be times when 140 characters isn’t enough. What’s more, you might have a delicate situation that you’d rather friends and contacts in your social network didn’t see.

This British Airways contact number will come in handy if you are looking to check the arrival or departure times of flights in the UK and around the world.

Their team can also help if you’ve lost your luggage, or have special requests regarding seating, meals, disabled access and name corrections ahead of a journey.

If you have made a booking which you need to cancel, you can also enquire about getting a refund for the fare using this hotline.

Ahead of calling BA, try to get as much information handy at possible – such as the reference number which was provided when you made the booking. This will speed up the phone call, allowing you to get on with your day.

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