How to Contact Beaverbrooks

If you would like some further information on any of their products, then call the Beaverbrooks phone number for expert advice. Perhaps while you are connected you may wish to go ahead with the purchase of the item you are enquiring about. If that’s the case, you can also place orders over the phone, which will save you time navigating through the checkout system online or visiting your nearest shop.

For ring products, some can be resized but some cannot, so if you need to check whether a particular ring is resizable, you should call the Beaverbrooks contact number before you purchase it. You can get other advice from the Beaverbrooks customer service team on matters such as broken jewellery and watches, engraving, obtaining written valuations and jewellery insurance.

Additionally, for any issues with the ordering process or your delivered products, get in touch with Beaverbrooks to inform the company. A friendly advisor will be on hand to help resolve it.